• What Sugar Alternatives Do You Use?

    We use 2 different alternative sweeteners in place of sugar. Swerve™ — a non-GMO, all natural plant based sweetener. Click here to learn more. Allulose — an all natural sweetener classified as a zero glycemic “rare sugar".
  • Where Can I Find a Product's Nutritional Information?

    All of Zambawango's products have nutritional, dietary, and ingredient labels for you to view including carbs and net carbs. To view a product's nutritional information, navigate to the product detail page and the nutrition label will be the second image in the product image gallery. As always,...
  • How Long Can Products Be Frozen?

    All Our Products Can be Frozen for Up to 3-Months.
  • How Long Can Products Be Refrigerated?

    All Our Products Can be Refrigerated for Up to 10-Days.